Imagine if you had a remote hiring manager that could find, interview and select the best candidates for your business.


we guide the hiring process

we keep candidates engaged

By building an easily-accessible portal, we make sure your candidates are consistently engaged and aware of the next steps of the interview process. This guarantees transparency to the candidate while upholding brand integrity and consistency for your business.

we limit hiring overhead

Our team works with yours to make sure you find the right candidates and get them through the doors without the overhead.

shortened interview process

With a talent team of specialized Microsoft recruiters and interviewers, we help streamline your interview process- ultimately shortening your time-to-hire. By using Microsoft technologies we can include your team in the decision-making process by giving them mobile feedback only they can see.

digital experience

By using modern productivity technologies we make sure the end-to-end hiring process can be fully digital with a human touch along the way.


we manage recruitment & perform assessments

find the right candidates

Hiring software and decades of experience sourcing talented candidates allows us to find the best candidates for your team both from a functional and cultural standpoint. We use LinkedIn Recruiter, Indeed, Jobvite among other tools to gain insight about trends, behavior and to deliver detailed recruitment reports

we work with recruiters

We work with your company’s recruiters to determine the exact skillsets, experience, culture and behavioral fit each of your departments need. We then help develop technical or functional job descriptions for a better candidate match. Working directly with your talent team gives us the needed insights into your culture and needs

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