human resources

By providing a single location that streamlines all of your HR functions (Recruitment, Interviewing, Assessing, Onboarding, Development and Offboarding,) Atiico optimizes your workforce overhead and drives a high-performance culture in your organization. 

what we do?

HR doesn't have to be so complicated.

By providing a centralized service portfolio that houses all of your HR needs, Attico enables organizations from many different industries to focus on their customers and core business. By reducing the time it takes for mundane administrative HR tasks, we free up time for important strategic initiatives. 

how it works?

we strengthen your core HR services

Our team helps you source and headhunt the best candidates for your organization by using classic recruitment tools like LinkedIn Recruiter, Indeed, Glassdoor, etc., aiding you in leveraging your professional network.

Interviewing and assessing Microsoft specialists can be difficult for the untrained eye. Our team has decades of product specific experience in the Microsoft Stack that we bring to the table.

Employee development and career planning is for most organizations an under-invested area. Remember it is your employees that drive your business towards success. Atiico helps build custom career paths, as well as Microsoft training programs for technical and functional individuals.

"Hiring new technical people can be very difficult. Does the resume match the actual skill level and culture fit? Experienced AX and D365 specialists combined with tailored assessment tools is your guarantee for a quality hire and consistency in your hiring process."

driving efficiency in your hiring processes

Turnover rates are increasing. In fact, many companies see a 30% turnover rate in the first three months of a new individual joining the company. All the while, efficiency is decreasing- CEO’s are now allocating an average of 20% of their time to talent management. Consider that nearly 60% of workers are hourly employees (78.2 million in the US). Payroll also eats away at your organization’s time. 

increase retention

With the use of Career Paths, we encourage your employees to promote their job and showcase their skills on their profile. The profile is housed in a personalized portal that aligns their current track with their career goals and future opportunities. 

empower performance

By providing data about your employees' accomplishments, identifying bottlenecks and tracking their organization, we allow your team to take action on the important things. In turn, your HR department can focus on building high-performing teams. 

make informed decisions

We help you reduce administrative overhead costs, better your employees' organization and drive better-decision making processes by giving you embedded analytics. We help you build you programs that you can track and we analyze them for you.