About Us

Atiico Inc. helps organizations attract, hire, develop, and retain people so they can better deliver impactful results for you. By aligning Microsoft’s cloud offerings with small, medium and enterprise organizations, we make sure your business is in good hands.


Reach Your Vision

Not only do we have the combined knowledge and experience to provide simple, holistic solutions for our customers, but we do so in a thorough, risk-managed manner. In other words, we don’t oversell or under promise our services. We’re always looking out for the best interests of our customers, which means giving them the right tools and people for their Microsoft Dynamics solutions. 

who we are

Located in California our group of experienced employees help organizations achieve their business goals through the right hires and employee development. We are committed helping our customers achieve their goals.

our history

With decades of Microsoft technology experience and hands on product knowledge our knowhow can be traced back to early 2000. our team have over the last 20 years our team have build a strong name in the industry

our mission

Atiico's mission is to empower every organization to achieve more through their people, culture and DNA. We strive to create local opportunity, growth, and impact in every business aspect possible.

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Contact Atiico today to receive a complimentary assessment around the management services you’re looking to bring into your organization.

our performance

Your Partner for Human Resource Innovation

Focus on your business and let us focus on your hiring, onboarding and employee development needs. Our performance speaks for itself and we are measuring all our customer activities against well defined goals and targets.